It was one of those magical days in the rural village of Pantawpyin, Myanmar.  We celbrated the opening of our first rural health center with many people from the village and surrounding villages present.  The children had not heard the song before, so we showed them the Singers Maring children singing the song, and then I led them through the song line by line, verse by verse.  It was too much fun, especially when the parents and villagers started singing the song too!  This video is only the first verse... enjoy!
Pantawpyin Village Children sing
The Care for Peace Song
at the Grand Opening Ceremonies for the
Care for Peace Rural Health Center 

Serving the underserved
One 'Healthy Village' at a time

Before we left the village I gave the teacher several copies of the song so that the next time we visit they will be better prepared to sing the song to other children wherever the song decides to go!
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