Serving the underserved
One 'Healthy Village' at a time

Care for Peace is founded on the premise that there is a connection between providing care through public health services to the underserved people of the world, and the peace desired by government and the people.  

In Myanmar peace hangs in the balance.  It is our charge to test our premise and provide care…for peace.
Our Global Mission

The Care for Peace global mission is to help some of the most underserved and unnoticed people in the world to build their own sustainable ‘Healthy Villages’ through health, education, social and micro-economic welfare services, systems and facilities.

Our Mission in Rural Myanmar

Our mission in rural Myanmar is to assist people living in remote rural villages build their own Community Development and Health Centers (CDHCs) that provide programs and services including preventive health, health education, maternal and child nutrition, agriculture and aquaculture development and micro-economic support, among others, for the integrated development and management of a sustainable 'Healthy Village'.  The CDHCs are slated to be governed and managed by women leadership.

Our Grand Vision Plan

In the same spirit of Walt Disney when he imagined the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT), the Care for Peace Grand Vision Plan is to identify one village in each participating country for Care for Peace to invite participating country and world leaders, and local and international non-government organizations to join C4P in the imagining, planning, developing, building and supporting one ‘Experimental Prototype Healthy Village of Tomorrow’.   

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