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On June 1, 2016 our Kyauk Phyu partners officiated at the Groundbreaking Ceremonies for what will be the Care for Peace Community Development and Health Center.  The Center, designed by Derek Parker, A.I.A., Care for Peace Board Architectural Advisor, will be used to provide health and medical care, and will be the catalyst for developing village-driven micro-enterprise programs.  Practical public health services, sustainable agriculture for food and income, sensible employment, and inexpensive energy systems will make the Healthy Village a powerful resource for sustainable growth and stability.  The site is being excavated by the MSP/Caterpillar Company in Yangon that has donated all grading services to the Care for Peace Project...right now!

Planning is underway...right now! for a late Fall, 2016 opening our Care for Peace "Hub" Office and Warehouse in Yangon where we will centralize support services to our two facilities

Dr. Donald P. K. Chan, Chairman, Care for Peace, is working with the University of Virginia where he is Professor Emeritus of Orthopedic Spinal Surgery, and Med-1 University in Yangon, where he is an Honorary Professor of Orthopedic Spinal Surgery.  Dr. Chan has been planning several medical and clinical programs...right now!  including:

1. Providing two endowments to both the University of Virginia and the University of Rochester Medical Centers for international exchange / fellowship students;

2. Reaching out to and cataloguing the international Burmese medical and dental community that will be given an opportunity to provide on-site and remote teaching, trainining and real-time clinical and surgical consultation via the Care for Peace Hub's telecom support system;

3. Facilitating telecom and telemedical vendor relations between international medical centers, the Care for Peace vans, rural health centers and community development centers;

The donated health education equipment and the Care for Peace Mobile Health Van are being used for their intended purposes...right now!
The Care for Peace Rural Health Center is being used for its intended purpose...right now!!
The 6 acre
Derek Parker's vision of a
Modular Community Development and Health Center

A 6-stage development model that will be built in modules
The design process began in 2014, and has been progressing to where Derek Parker, A.I.A., is now creating line drawings of the 6-stage modular development process...right now!
Watch this space.  We will be adding more activities as they are commissioned. 
Care for Peace is happening...right now! 

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