Serving the underserved
One 'Healthy Village' at a time

With the generosity of our nonprofit board members, our advisory board, the Porter Foundation and the Vimy Foundation, over the last four years Care for Peace funded and provided technical support to our in-country partners and villagers:

The Strategy: Start small...listen...learn...

It's one "How can we help step" at a time!
2013 -- We provided Health Education Equipment to the Kyauk Phyu District

2016 -- With the help of the Yangon Rotary Club we inaugurated the first "Rotarians who Care for Peace" donation of a mobile phone and motorcycle for the midwife based at our Care for Peace Rural Health Center so that she can get to the deliveries on time! We are calling the new initiative The Care for Peace Just-in-time Midwife Program
2014 -- We donated, outfitted and provided medical and computer equipment for a Care for Peace Mobile Health Van that has traveled to hard-to-access villages.  Health screening, immunization and basic medical care has been provided to villagers in some 56 villages, with a total of 5,000 patients having been seen.  Data is now being collected on each patient and each village so that we are able to determine the healthcare needs of villages where no data had been previously recorded

2015 -- With the help of our in-country partners and local villagers we designed and constructed our first Care for Peace Rural Health Center in Pantawpyin Village -- a village that is "as remote as it could get!" so that we are able to test what works and what doesn't work in the way of preventive health, health education, basic healthcare delivery, birthing services and urgent medical care needs
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