Jeff said, "I wrote the Care for Peace song for the children of the world to sing and remind us of our responsibility to care...for peace.  I wanted to complete the song so that the children in rural Myanmar could sing at the Grand Opening of the first Care for Peace Rural Health Center in June, 2016.
The Care for Peace Anthem
It's who we are
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Serving the underserved
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STAY TUNED! The Advanced Treble Choir's creation of the a-Capella version of the Care for Peace Song that will be used as a model for the first global Care for Peace Song competition in the Spring of 2017.

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"In November, 2014 I made a demo...

"In April 2016 Jan Pedersen Schiff, Founder and Choral Director of Singers Marin created the first group recording...
"Just before Hla Kyi and I left for Myanmar, we taught some Burmese-American children in Oakland, California to sing the song to the  Singers Marin...
"In May Stevie Greenwell, Director and Choral Director of the Marin School of the Arts Advanced Treble Choir, Natalie John, a professional music arranger, and 20  high school girls produced and performed the first public performance of the song...
"In early June the children of Taung Yin Village, Myanmar sang the song at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Care for Peace Community Development and Health Center... 
"...and the children of Pantawpyin Village, Myanmar sang the song at the Grand Opening of the Care for Peace Rural Health Center."

Care for Peace (the Nonprofit organization) is now seeking socially- and environmentally-conscious Corporate Sponsors for the world's first Care for Peace song competetion that will be held in San Francisco in the Spring of 2017. The Song will be televised worldwide, and will be featured in "The Care for Peace Story Documentary” slated to be filmed in 2019. 
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APPLY FOR THE SONG COMPETETION NOW! All you need are 10 or more singers, an original song of, about or for "peace" and a YouTube video of the song.  Competition categories and judges will be chosen by the Nonprofit Board of Care for Peace. 
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